Heard a really cool new way of looking at something today…

ANYWAY, have you ever heard of the "I AM"?

Who are You?

WHO are You?

Who ARE You?

Who are YOU?

Do you ever wonder? Do you ever ask Your Self?

Do you ever answer, "I'm a dentist." Or, I'm a father" or, by some other job description.  OR by some relationship, "I Am so and so's cousin."

Under all of that, WHO are YOU?

Ask often enough and it gets harder to answer.  But also kind of easier.  Because at some point, there is only one answer 🙂


"I think, therefore I AM." -Descartes [my capitalization of AM]

The act of thinking or questioning is like holding up a mirror to "God". If we are all made in God's image, then we are all made like God.  But if I am coming at the world from this human perspective of, Oh, I'm an Artist/Teacher/etc. then my thinking will all be from that perspective, and my behavior and reactions are all consequences of my thinking, which give rise to the way people and the environment react to me.

SO in order to change all of this I must change my perspective of WHO I AM.

I am re-reading a classic book called, "Psycho Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz.  Its a fascinating book about how our self image changes our whole world. 

This idea of the "I Am" literally changes your world when you change your self-image.

So as the caterpillar asked Alice, "WHO-R-U?"