I did a short teaser blog yesterday about a super juicy story that I was going to share with you, however, I don't want to add fuel to the fire.  I had an experience with a client that went less than stellar.  Actually, I thought it was going fairly well, until some weird things started happening.  I don't want to go into it anymore because I want to change my whole perception around it and move beyond it, it has already taken too much psychic and emotional energy.

Instead, it is a success that I made it through the experience and have the opportunity to practice feeling "larger than life."

I can practice seeing myself and this whole planet as being a "small world" that fits into my heart.  This allows me to forgive and forget and see things in a much larger context that make the thing that had been stressful seem small and trivial.

Without this 'negative' experience I would have nothing to contrast to know what a 'good' experience was.  So how will I deal with it?  Will I continue to let it anger me, something I bring up and rant about every chance I get?  Or will I move on?

The fact that I am not ranting about specifics but am talking about the lessons I can learn from it here is probably a good step in the right direction.  Had I started blogging about this yesterday or the day before I assure you that it would have had a very different tone.

Here is to time and healing!