Chipotle did a buy-one-get-one-free deal for teachers today!  I got a fat veggie burrito, and then, another one for free!  Whoo-hoo!  

If you read my blog from the morning (yesterday, Tuesday, now its 2:10am Wednesday) then you probably could tell I had already had kind of a tough morning.  I don't want to go into details but its crazy sometimes.

Its weird cuz I was thinking about it today like, have you ever gone to a seminar or a workshop or had to sit through a lecture or something and the person is telling you about what they overcame and what they learned or what helped them or whatever.  Notice how its always in the past?  LIke they already did it, they already figured it out and now they have the solution for you.

That's great!  Right?! Now you don't have to go through it. Well, if you can/want to follow in their footsteps.

Some of this stuff, I'm going through now, so I don't have the answer all nice and pre-packed for you ready to solve all your problems.  Dang, does it sound like I talk about myself all the time or what?

No, it sounds like the blogger voice in my head likes to talk about me all the time.  Ya know, its not really me in a sense.  I can hear this guy while I'm driving.  Sometimes its good entertainment.  Sometimes I need to take over control. 

Most of the time, blogging, I let it speak through my fingers. Occasionally I comment on it.  So if it ever sounds like I'm having a conversation with myself, I kinda am.  Sounds crazy? 

Well, if you think I'm doing it to "sound crazy" and be cool, that's not it.  Is it clinical craziness? I don't think so.

I think we all have voices in our heads, but most of the time we mistake them for "US." The I AM.

The voice talks and we, the silent observers think it is us talking.  I am a teacher. I am smart, I work hard, I get good grades, I am married, I don't like x, I do like Y, my skin color is Z, my ethnicity is X-American. 

This runs through my head a lot. I let it.  I don't usually listen to music because the voices provide some good insights sometimes. Things I will do later.  Things to write about.  Ideas. Plans.  Directions.

Want to be positive for the blog but also want to keep it as real as I can.  Its easy (for me at least) to just say its all great, but there are challenges going on for me and that's the point.  How do I flow with them? 

I make systems!

I change my language patterns!

Thereby changing my thought patterns!

Thereby changing my behavior!

Changes my energy I put out!

Changes my environment!

Creates my new reality!

Ok. Until next time my friend, be flowing 🙂