Just picked up some goodies at the dollar store for my younger music students.  They really get motivated with the Music Money system.

One of my goals today is to get the green sceen setup so I can do some more trainings for the Black Belt Music Academy site.

Lastnight I wrote almost a whole bbook for my real estate business, written specifically for For Sale By Owners.  It is probably contreversial since I share some of the “dirty secrets” of the industry, and give tips on how to sell aa home yourself, saving thousands or even tens of thousands in commission, something most agents don’t want you to know.

  My goal is to have this ready and launch this book quick, like by Friday.  It is not the same kind of goal as the find your flow book series that I am holding off on launching because it has different goals long term.

part of people with this is simply to get it out quick and start helping homeowners because I have those business systems already in place.