Spirituality and Practice for busy people.

Busy people sometimes wonder how to combine spirituality and practice. Because let’s face it, you live in the “real world.” You have things to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be spiritually minded.

It comes down to setting up good habits. ?Bringing spirituality and practice together is about choosing little things that you can practice everyday. ?Maybe its a shift in mindset. ?Maybe its just slowing down to smell the roses every once in a while.

A famous zen quote sums it up nicely, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

What changed?

The mind. Before enlightenment the monkey mind was chattering about bills, chores, this or that thing, noise, static, worry, doubt, fear, something that happened yesterday, something that hasn’t happened yet, etc.

After/during enlightenment, the mind is silent. Just the body is going through the motions and the chatter has stopped.

Could enlightenment really be that easy?


Sure, we like to make it difficult, like you have to climb to Mt. Everest and meditate for 12 hours a day for 20 years.

But that’s not true.

In fact, you could experience enlightenment doing anything. Even mundane tasks.

Especially mundane tasks.

Chop wood. Carry water.

What chores are you already doing regularly that could become a spiritual practice or flow state for you?

For me, vacuuming the house was a good one. I would put in ear plugs to minimize the noise, but I could quickly get into a flow state once I got going.

Folding laundry is also a good one for me.

If you were to approach your everyday activities through the lens of making it a spiritual practice, or flow experience, how might you do that task differently?

Would anybody watching you be able to tell the difference if you were experiencing enlightenment or not while doing the task?

I am a big fan of combining spirituality and practice within the context of ordinary, everyday tasks and chores.

That’s why I created a free mini-course to share my simple technique. You can get it here.

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