The other day I saw this friendly little moth chilling on our ceiling.? It reminded me of one of my favorite stories about evolution/natural selection.


The story takes place in a town at the edge of a forest.? There are moths that live in the forest.? Mostly brown moths that blend in perfectly with the trees.

There are also some black moths, but far fewer in respect to the lighter brown moths.

A coal factory opens up in the town and over the months and years, the smog fom the factory settles on the trees, darkening them from brown to black.

The brown moths no longer have camoflouge and become easy prey for the birds.

The black moths are now safe and start to flourish.

Gradually the population becomes mostly black moths with some smaller numbers of bown moths.

Natural selection at work.? But who caused the smog? People of course.? So what kinds of other things are we affecting?? What species will die?? Which will thrive?

Climate and global warming are “hot” topics right now and it affects us all.? How long will we wait before we decide that we do make a difference and our actions matter?