The Spiritual But Not Religious Book Series for Spiritual But Not Religious People

This is a “Spiritual But Not Religious Book Series” that touches on all the most sacred and awesome things in life without getting hung up on the dogmas.

A Spiritual But Not Religious Book Series would be everything about the most sacred and best-est things in the Universe but without putting lame limitations on it caused by inaccurate thinking and superstitions.

It would (and does) give you actionable steps and real-life stories that would help you to experience flow and spirituality yourself, without someone else just telling you what it is like.

Experience Spirituality For Yourself

Why is it that so many gurus and religious leaders talk about spiritual experiences and enlightenment but put it so far away from you?  Only “X” experienced it, but not you, lowly human, you can only hope to hear about it.  Pray about it.  Have faith that if you grovel on your hands and knees long enough maybe you will be saved from eternal hell-fire.

Well, none of that here.

You Are Worthy

No need to donate $X money.

No need to bow down before _____.

No need to recite X scriptures/chants/prayers.

It is inside you.

It is around you.



You are inseparable.

And yet…

The mind can be “separate”.  And it can experience all the pain and suffering of the world.

And yet…

The mind can be let go of and the true essence of your highest self can then have space to expand infinitely.  The true essence of yourself can align with the will of the Universe and/or God and you can be a conduit, a channel for this energy, this divine cosmic flow.

Therefore, You are an important part of this equation.

Unless of course, you decide to put something else in your place.

Unless you take responsibility for your own life and experience.

If you give it away, out of fear, out of ignorance, out of blind faith, then that is your decision to make.

BUT, if you decide to be all that you can be, if you decide that YOU are a Spiritual Being and that you don’t need someone else’s permission to be a force of nature, then you are someone that may appreciate a Spiritual But Not Religious Book Series.

If so, please check it out here: CLICK HERE