The Goal Guide




The Goal Guide

Entrepreneurship 101 – GOAL Setting

The Goal Guide will give you the tools that you need to be successful in your endeavors.

Too many businesses fail before they even get started because they don’t have any solid plan.

They lack focus.

They lack GOALS.

Learn how to set goals that will help you live your dreams!

Goals are like dreams, but with timelines.

How do you take your goals and make them real?

How do you avoid self-sabotage with your goals?

Why are goals so important?

“Goals” are a consistent theme in the Find Your Flow Podcast because it is a huge part of getting the show done, the book series, the TV show, etc. It all revolves around GOALS!!!

Get your Life Purpose in focus and on time.

Find the Time.

Find Your Flow.


This bundle is delivered electronically immediately upon purchase and includes:

  • The Goal Guide Video Training (MP4)
  • The Goal Guide Audio Book MP3
  • The Goal Guide Infographic Bookmark
  • The Goal Guide eBook
  • The Goal Guide Reference Manual (PDF)
  • The Goal Guide Deep Dive (PDF)

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