Saw the #roughlife hashtag and had to post quick-like. 

Its all relative right?

Its all perspective.

"First World Problems" here in Sunny San Diego. 

But you know what , its still real. And its still rough sometimes. 

We can't really compare our problems to someone else's.  We each have our own problems as our own personal challenges, that have come up through the matrix, specially formulated for us to learn our own special lessons or miss the point completely and suffer the consequences over and over and over again.

Still gotta go do this other stuff, but I don't want you to think I just sit here and whine all day if you are new to this blog and read the last couple days.  The point is to Find the Flow even in the crap of it all.  When its not all easy and "go with the flow."

At the core, I think the kind of challenges I'm facing (well, my family, Elena especially) are the kind that really make you appreciate: Health, the little things, "normal everyday things" etc. 

Nothing like having everything taken away to realize "you don't know what you got till its gone."