Yay!  I am starting to build the Find Your Flow Store!  You can see it –> CLICK HERE


These are the items and toys that I have that help me get into flow.  First, you will see one of my favorite flow toys from the folks who specialize in making amazing flow toys.  It is a "Flow Dart." 

I have this one and it is COOL 🙂  I uploaded some video a while back when I first got it, you can see it here:


I also put one of my new faves up in the store.  More on that one later!  I have been using it like crazy, I didn;t want to spend the money myself honestly,

but Elena got it to try to help with her headaches.  I end up using it way more 😉


All right, off to spend time with the fam.  Have a great Sunday!  And until next time my friend…be flowing!!!