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Start over, shorter, sweeter.

I started this at 11:11am because of awesome epiphany. I've had many recently that coincide with 11:11am or pm.

Had mastermind meeting last week, even though I was in a dark, dark place, pessimistic, antagonistic, I still was determined to go and to not be a drag on the group.

I created a mind map to help everyone get on the same page with my challenges and to help give me clarity.  One page looked like this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.16.37 AM


THey told me I needed to simplify.


Easier said than done for me.

In regards to my personal challenges, my business mentor and the leader of the group, Henry Evans, suggested a book called, "Your Hands Can Heal You" by Master Stephen Co.  I was very excited to hear him recommend a book like this and to talk about the success he had with it.  I bought it and started reading it today! (on kindle)  I of course am very familiar with energy work but don't talk about it very often with anybody these days, so I was stoked that he had brought it up.


(NOTE: if you click the link above and buy the book, I will get a little $ from it.  Literally like .55 cents, but hey, I greatly appreciate it!)


I felt my energy already start to rise.  Then, I had a great clarity about a lot of stuff.

I have been DJ'ing for about 14 years now, and I have gotten to rock some sick parties. I got to live like a rockstar (or an up and coming rockstar anyway.)  But I soon realized that while it was close to what I was going for, something was missing.

I didn't know what exactly, but when my mom was going through her fight with cancer, all that stuff seemed less important. 

I felt like I wanted to do or say something meaningful with my time on stage.  Something that would leave people not just feeling better, happier, but positively changed.

When I was reading this book it reminded me of another book I recently started re-reading…

(NOTE: if you click the link above and buy the book, I will get a little $ from it.  Literally like .42 cents, but hey, I greatly appreciate it!)

This is an energy book about the Shaman of ancient Mexico.  It describes the ancient movements developed to increase inner life energy and to be able to use it for various purposes such as healing and shamanic journeys.

I have had many experiences with shamanic journeying and have had many great insights during these experiences.  I have had many songs come to me during these times as well as visions for books, dances, art, and products and all sorts of things.

Anyway, when I studied music at #Cal, #Berkeley, I saw videos of how shaman of various cultures used music to induce a group trance and to lift the group into higher energy planes and to help heal and connect them with their higher powers/gods/jin/genies/angels, etc.  I studied this across various cultures and learned as much as I could about music healing through trance and group dance and energy and colors and sounds and rhythms and movement.

I knew, KNEW, KNOW, intuitively that this is my purpose in this lifetime, and I truly feel, that I have done it in at least one previous lifetime, although no where near the scale that I have the opportunity to do in this lifetime thanks to technology and our advancement as a species. 

So I have this gig tomorrow, a magic gig.  Yeah, I get to perform Magic, and DJ for a school dance party.  

It occurred to me today, this is it. IT.  I started laughing until I cried.  Literally.  Tears.  So beautiful.  So SIMPLE.

I have created these dances over the years from experiences that I have had.  They are sacred, energy dances. They will do amazing things for people, for the world even.

Today I realized many things about them, like, hey, why not teach them to these kids today?  I am already going to be leading dances like "The Cupid Shuffle," The Electric Slide", "The Dougie," and others.  But what if I taught them one of my own?  Its really easy and I know, KNOW, that they will have an experience that will uplift them and empower them.  

Its just crazy enough to work.  Plus, I get to do some magic. 

That's really trippy.  My mom used to get sawed in half when she was young, before I was born.  She was a magicians assistant.

Now I do some magic here and there.  Not real "Magic" supernatural stuff, more sleight of hand, skill stuff.  But, it IS Magical when you think about it.  And I can use it to help people access the real magic within them, their connection to the super energy source.

Plus, this energy stuff, that's the real magic.  And each of us can do it, but few of us know that or know how.

So here is my chance.  I gotta figure it out quick like.  Naa, it comes to me naturally, effortlessly, like my whole life has been leading up to this point.  Like I can't mess it up as long as I hold the vision of it in my mind.  The tingling sensation I AM experiencing right now as I write this.

Destiny some would call it.

I call it…flow.