I’ve had this great song stuck in my head all morning. It makes me feel energized and powerful. I am getting ready to go teach at the school, then go teach some private student.

First though, I am headed to 10 music store to pick up some new books!

I am also getting my online site ready for www.BlackBeltMusicAcademy.com.? it will have some really cool trainings and important tools for learning music.

it will be available to all of my private students, and soon to everyone else around the world who would like to learn music and music theory.

1 of the big discussions around the breakfast table this morning was about whether I should pick up new students or not. they good thing, is I make good money doing it, and it is reletively consistent.? and, it is ‘now’ money.

a drawback is he driving, and the time taken away from other potentially bigger money, although it is ‘future’ money.

herein lies the balance and planning for flow. How much time am I willing to invest now in ‘now’ money, verses bigger ‘future’ money?