#findyourflow intentions
#FindYourFlow by setting Intentions and Goals

#FindYourFlow on a Monday?! Yes its Monday, what are you doing this week to #findyourflow? ?Are you hoping it will just happen? ?Or are you willing to take a moment, right now, to INTEND flow?

If you want to #findyourflow this week, then maybe consider?scheduling in certain flow activities for yourself.

I know I am!

For example, I have Jiu-Jitsu classes three times this week for some body flow, plus I am going to be doing 100 sit-ups for the non-training days.

Then, I always have my reading time for Mind Flow, and then meditation time for Spirit Flow.

Cash Flow is also blocked out, and I have some specific goals for actions I need to take to take my cash-flow to the next level.

What are your “big rocks” or big goals that you want to accomplish for the week?

How can you break those down into actionable mini-goals that you can accomplish within 15 minutes to 2 hour blocks?

Do you have them written down so you can free up mental energy (so you don’t have to remember them)?

Are they organized and prioritized in a way that makes sense and that will allow you to flow through your day?

Is there an order of operations that you need to be aware of so that you don’t have to run all over town to accomplish your goals?

Do you have a To-Do list that you carry with you? ?Does it sync or integrate with your schedule? ?Do you have a calendar? ?Have you updated it?

Ideally you have a calendar with your flow activities time-blocked. ?This will allow you to focus exclusively on that activity during the designated time.

Be sure to turn off distractions that might take away from your scheduled flow activity. ?And remember, it doesn’t have to be some “fun” thing, it can be a work related

Great! ?Until next time friend, be flowing!


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