We watch some pretty fun shows from time to time, like #findingbigfoot and #ChasingUFOs.  The other night we watched a new show that was continuation of sorts from a show that aired about a #mermaid body that had been found.

It was pretty fascinating, there was some "evidence" that seemed pretty photo-chopped, but some that seemed pretty legit.

To me it is so cool because we live in a really big place, not just planet earth, but the whole universe.  The ocean still has many secrets that we have yet to discover.   The Giant Squid was once just a myth, but then they got evidence!

UFO's, have to be real.  Seriously, we live on a speck among billions of other specks, in a universe that is incomprehensibly large.  For there to not be other intelligent life out there is just silly and egotistical.  

Even our forests still hold secrets (fortunately).  Why not have primates that have managed to stay under the radar?  If you were one of "them", would you want to be found by "us"?

 Although I had my doubts going into the mermaid show, I must admit that I am a now a believer that mermaids are a very real possibility.  

As much as I would like to know more about mermaids, I don't necessarily hope that we find one, because really, as the marine biologist on the show said, they probably don't want to be found.