lately, a lot of things have been flowing for me. For example, I am doing real estate more frequently these days, and I have a fantastic investor client that I really enjoy working with. last night I did an interview with her, and I have already edited it and got it uploaded to a landing page. it's nice when a plan comes together 🙂

of course, it is just the first task in the series of many that I need to achieve a bigger goal of gaining more business, but each little task completed is a victory on its own. the book launch is getting closer, I am stalling a bit to make sure that I have my systems and technology ready to go for the launch.

I rolled out the new subscription model for the newsletter, which means that it is mostly free, but to get the total details and the extra inside info it is only 99 cents.  

next mission is to get the membership club page finished. It's close, but I need to add some more content and get some more things ready to go. if you didn't get the new newsletter, you can go to the welcome page and sign up here. I will send you out the free newsletter as soon as I can. Thank you and stay tuned!