I am volunteering my DJ services for the local Little League later today.  I am supposed to be there in about  6 hours, I really need to go to sleep.  But, just wanted to touch base, I missed blogging yesterday, time just flew by.  As it seems to do.  So, what did I do of value yesterday?  

Spent time with Bradley and Elena in the afternoon and evening.  We blew bubbles in the backyard, played with a puzzle, ate dinner, read books and just hung out.

This evening Elena and I watched Mad Men, one of our favorite shows.  We are only on season 2 or 3, so if you watch it, don't tell us what happens.

Got a bride call about a wedding, and prepared some information for another bride.  

Also, just completed a flyer for the event tomorrow about a music video I want to do.  See if any parents and baseball kids want to submit some highlight reels for the video.  Could be really fun!

All right, not bed yet, marketing, then bed.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz