If you have been reading this blog for any time or know me personally, then you probably already have figured out that I do things a little differently.  I don’t have “a job” per se, but I am not unemployed either.  I have created many self-employed positions as well as a couple actual businesses.

Some of my strategy seems pretty far out and incomprehensible to most people.  But some of it is pretty cool and has some very strong benefits that I will mention in a moment.

Snoop Dogg, I mean, Snoop Lion (despite being an #upgradedrappernames) put out a documentary that I watched over the weekend.  It was very cool to see his journey as a person and rapper ready to turn the next chapter in his life.  There was lots of joking and trash-talking about it I’m sure, but he had to do what he had to to do and I personally admire him for it.

Going from a gangster and pimp talking about shooting, killing, pimping, etc to promoting peace, love, unity, #NoGunsAllowed is not an easy transition.

But it brings up a valuable point.  In his documentary there is a part where he talks about priorities.  He talks about how if he didn’t need money he wouldn’t be out away from his wife and kids so much.

For many struggling artists they look at his success and probably can’t understand how he could say such a thing.  He has money, cars, houses, etc.

But who can relate to wanting to spend more time with their family and friends?  Probably most people.  But how?  We gotta make money, unless you work from home you probably have to go somewhere to do it.

Well, @TFerriss wrote a book called #FourHourWorkWeek, and although I don’t intend to work only four hours a day (how boring!) I am all about creating a lifestyle that allows me to work from home more, leverage my efforts, spend more time with my family and friends, and teach music better and to more people than I currently am.

And, to live the lifestyle of my dreams while doing it!  Tall order?  Yup.  But there are others who have done it, are doing it, and can provide road maps and models for how anyone else with enough ambition can do it too.

Take for example my mentor Dan Kennedy.  He has put together a program to do just that.  But more on that later.

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