My sister and I are putting together a new seminar that we are very excited about!  It will teach students how to play either the guitar, bass, keyboard or drums in one day!

Participants will learn the basics of how to read music, how to play songs, different styles, and we will even record so that each student will go home with a CD of their performance!

Its all very exciting.  

My sister has a #1 Best Selling Book called, "Drum and Grow Rich."  You can check it out here: CLICK HERE


The date is tentatively set for May 10th and will be in the San Diego, CA area.  The tuition will be $295 and will include materials such as music, picks, drum sticks, and refreshments.

We will do a special discount for early bird registrations of $100 off, or just $195.

You will be shredding by the end of the day and impressing your family and friends by that night!

We will get into flow right away and you will learn how to let your right-brain connect with your left brain for super quick learning and super quick fun!

If you want to learn more about the event please send me an email at: info (@) 

Until next time my friend, be flowing!