Just toss me to the side why don't you?  arg.  Jenny McCarthy is engaged to Donnie Wahlberg I just found out.  I guess what we had going just wasn't enough.  Or anything at all really.  But that's not the point.  

She has been a crush of mine since about 10th grade, she was on this poster for a CD or something I think.  Anyway, SUPER HOT and she has a totally rad sense of humor. She seems just pretty hilarious overall.  Not to mention she has since done all sorts of cool modeling gigs, tv shows, and #Playboy a few times, not that I read the articles, I was looking at the pictures.  No wait, I mean, yeah, that is what I mean.

Of course, Elena probably won't be so sad to see Jenny get married.

But if Jenny was engaged to Mark Wahlberg, Elena would probably throw a fit!

Well, that's ok, I'm happy for her.  Best wishes to you Jenny McCarthy.  If things don't work out, you know where to find me 😉  Ok, so you don't, nor do you really care to find me.  Fine then! Get out of here already!