One of my Facebook friends posted a thing on sleep.  Supposedly its good for you. I personally try to avoid it whenever possible.  However, eventually it catches up with me and I crash for like 10-12 hours, 2-3 nights in a row.  

Anyway, last night I fell asleep at about 9:30pm.  I woke up at about 8:30am.  It was actually a really nice night. Well, as far as sleep and dreams go.

Elena is having migraines 24/7 so that is not ideal.

We finished watching Battlestar Galactica the other night, it was a great show.  Now we'll move on, probably back to the new season of Mad Men 🙂

I normally try to stay up and work but the last few nights but I have been pretty useless, mostly just wasting time on Facebook.  Sometimes studying some jiujitsu.  But, mostly not focused and not productive.  

I'm about to go to jiujitsu right now, which would make 3times this week!  That is my goal.  It's not easy, but being lazy and overweight sucks and I'm waaaay over it.  Even 2 times a week is good, but its more maintenance than improvement.  I think with 3x week I'll get better but also lose these last few pounds.

All right, enough rambling.  Oh, I did figure out a couple cool freebies to give away.  I gotta get my email service back up properly so I can email it out to you.  If you haven't registered yet do it now ( so you'll get the freebies and I won't have to figure out how to send it to you without resending it to everybody like a dozen times.

Take care, and until next time, be flowing my friend.