Hi Friends,

 There are a lot of folks interested in starting their own blogs so I wanted to let you know how I'm doing it.  I don't know if this is the easiest way, everybody says using WordPress is the easiest, but, maybe I'm just slow, but there is still a learning curve!

Here are my resources:

For hosting, I like these guys: www.hosting24.com

They have an option starting at $4.84 a month!  I used to use GoDaddy for website hosting but they were way more expensive.

Now, GoDaddy has a similar pricing structure, but I already moved all my websites to www.hosting24.com and they have been great so I have no intention of moving. 

I think I pay $120 a year ($10 a month) and I get UNLIMITED domain hosting, unlimited email addresses, unlimited storage!!!

When I was with GoDaddy, I would go over my monthly bandwidth or storage and get hit with a huge fee.  It sucked!

They are a good company overall, I like buying my domains from them, but I prefer www.hosting24.com for my hosting now.

Web hosting


NOTE: These are really the resources that I use.  So I connected with them as affiliates which means if you click those links and decide to buy the service I will earn a commission.  I wouldn't promote it if I didn't use it myself, but just wanted to be up front about that 😉

Second Resource:


Okay, so its not the easiest, some people swear its the easiest best-est blogging templates out there, other people who use other blogging/website templates say theirs are easier.  But here's the thing…I don't care at this point. I've got this going and figured out to the point where its up and running and I can blog. Done. No need to jump around or chase the next shiny object.  So, if you are considering another website/blogging template I can't speak about it objectively because I haven't really tried the others.


Those are the two biggest things you need, Oh! One more thing if you don't have it already, is you gotta get a domain name!

Guess what? If you get your hosting with www.hosting24.com you get a FREE DOMAIN NAME!!! AND, they renew it FOR YOU!

That's HUGE!  

For me, since I bought all my domain names elsewhere I had to figure out how to point it to www.hosting24.com.  It wasn't too difficult, but it does take time and is kind of a pain in the behind.


If you don't have any domain or hosting, this is the way that I would recommend, get it all done under one roof.

WordPress is powerful because of all the plugins, so you can customize your site fairly easily.  But I will warn you that it does take some time if you aren't a computer genius.

That's it for today friends.  Well, at least for now.