So tonight I went to my monthly marketing meeting, led by the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author Henry Evans. ( 


It was great!  I always learn so much and talk with such great people.  I am really excited because this stuff has changed my life.  I take so many freedoms for granted now as an entrepreneur that I forget how good I have it.  For me that looks like having a mostly flexible schedule.  I work a heck of a lot more than 40 hours a week mind you, but I do it because I love it.  And I can change course if I need to or want to because with the skills and experience I have I can basically create the kind of work that I want to do.  

The challenge then, becomes figuring out what I want to do.

I am really enjoying blogging.  I can do it from home.  I can get a sense of expression almost like I get when I play my guitar and sing some of my songs.  I realized tonight its like when Elena is talking to me, she gets release, expression.  Its harder for me in that context I think. Here I can just write it out.  Of course, it is different subjects and obviously I don't want to say everything here.  But, it does seem to flow while I'm writing it. 

Also, I need to be careful of what I write.  I also thought about how since more and more people are actually reading this and sharing it with other people, it starts to include that person in a new shared reality.  You are reading this and therefore aware of what I have written here.  You may or may not agree with me, but you become aware of certain thoughts or perspectives and you may choose to ignore some and you may decide to align or harmonize with others.  

By aligning or harmonizing or seeing your own version of it your perspective and my perspective can reinforce one another.  We essentially create our own reality (perceptions) and then connect on parts or all of it and it then becomes more real because there is more energy going into it.  We would both act in accordance with that belief or perspective and those actions would cause reactions and go out into the world around us and create or influence other people's reality too.

The more people that liked the vision, the energy, the perspective, the more they would align and harmonize with it and share it with others and it would continue to grow and gain strength and momentum.  We would be able to direct our thoughts and see highest and best outcomes and work toward it.  We will have more power as we direct our thoughts and our hearts and our mental and psychic and physical energies toward our aligned visions.

I'm excited that this blog has started gaining so much traction this last month.  Almost 100 people a day are registering for the free newsletter and insider information.  That completely boggles my mind!  I am doing NO advertising.  I am simply letting the information flow through me and recording on this blog and letting the magnificent power and flow of the internet connect like-minded people to this vibe, this wavelength.

The more into the mainstream energy flow I wade, the more people find out about find your flow.  I could go off completely into esoteric knowledge and some people would get it, others not so much.  Or, I could keep it totally mainstream but then be so milktoast that I don't actually say anything important because I would be too worried about offending someone or losing readers or whatever.

Instead, I try to kick the ego out of my head for a while and let the flow come through me.  I believe that at some level, the same energy that flows through my body, uninterrupted by my mind, speaks to some part of you that is just below your conscious mind's ability to perceive it.  It is a secret language that my infinite wisdom uses to communicate to your infinite wisdom.

I don't know what it is saying exactly but I have a feeling it is good and optimistic. Things are on the up and up despite, or maybe because of the craziness that goes on around us sometimes. 

These crazinesses are the opportunities to show ourselves what we really got.  What have we learned?  Are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over?  "All of this has happened before.  And it will all happen again." –Hybrid from Battlestar Galactica.