So I have no access to email from home right now.  Not just email, which is horrific enough, but also to my websites. Yeah, no blogging, no stats, no nothing!  It took me two days to figure out that it was for real and not just my computer lagging.

Turns out there is a "node" down between me and my service provider.  They apologize for the inconvenience.  Its not their fault and there really isn't anything that they can do about it.  So I decided to head West.  I hear that there is internet out there.  And here I am.  I tried blogging from my phone, which requires wi-fi, and so now that I am looking at my site I see that it didn't go through either.  So it will eventually auto-post and it will be all out of sequence, but whatever.

Not having email access is crazy! What do I do?! I couldn't blog! LIfe started tearing apart at the seams.  I had to leave the house, urgently.  And, I literally traveled West, to school, to get internet.  Yes, just like the South Park episode.  Well, not just like it, that had some pretty disturbing/hilarious situations in it.  I skipped those parts. 

So here i am.  Or, here I AM.

So I will continue to Be.  I have a potentially challenging situation tomorrow, I intend it to go smoothly and turn out for the best for everyone involved.  I will meditate before hand and visualize an ideal outcome and then go for it.

In the meantime, tons of stuff to do in many areas: Real Estate, email blast capabilities, freebies out to subscribers, etc etc.

But for now, I have internet. INTERNET. Wow, its a great thing. 

Keep that internet flowing AT&T, for the love of all things holy, fix the freaking node.  Whatever that is.