hard to believe it's already 2013!  do you ever wonder where the time goes? this year, I plan on tracking my time much more proficiently 🙂 first of all, I am planning more efficiently, and this will allow me to waste less time. and, since I will be planning certain important things ahead of time, I will be sure that I am spending my time wisely. for instance, I am planning more time with you in it and Bradley. but not just more time, I am specifying what types of activities that we do together, that make me feel that we have quality time together. for me, that values that I feel are most important, and therefore time with Bradley is best spent doing a few of these following things; reading, playing music or listening to music while we play, meditation/energy play, yoga or massage or tickling to facilitate physical health and fun. As he gets older, we will involve money lessons too, but for now, these are the things that I want to be sure that we do while we hang out together. With Elena, talking about feelings, sharing ideas and goals and dreams, making spaghetti for her, watching movies together and doing fun things is definitely top priority. For Find Your Flow, now that I have blogging capabilities improved, I will definitely be logging more of my flow activities and experiences, as well as producing tools to increase my flow, and spread it as far as possible. Through sales of the social experiment book I have a goal of raising over $100,000 dollars for various cancer organizations and patients. I also goal to release a total of 6 or more books total this year. Not to mention goals for my other businesses and projects! But, in order to do it, and not stress myself out, I have to plan very well and stay focused. And that is the point of this website anyway! Finding flow throughout our days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes!