I have been reading a couple books about happiness this month.  The first: "The Big Leap."  Its not all about happiness, but specifically, how we limit our own happiness.

We find all sorts of reasons to put off being happy now.  Ever hear you say to yourself or someone else say something like, "when I finish ___ then I'll be happy."  Or, "once I have more money then I'll be happy."  How about, " I can't be happy until I have a _____".


These are all traps that we set for ourselves.  We are literally programming our selves to be sad or depressed or stressed until ___ event happens.  And then what?  You already know don't you…then we look into the future again and say, "well, I have ____ now, but I'll  be happy when ____."

Its keeping up with the Jones'.  Its putting things off until some outside thing will supposedly make it possible to feel good now.

No.  All wrong.  In fact, there is scientific evidence to prove it all backwards now.  The book I started now, "The Happiness Advantage" goes into more detail, but I will share that in the next post, stay tuned…