Hi friends,

 So remember how I have been constantly looking over my shoulder worrying about if my "readers" were real people or spammers?  Well, turns out there is a good number of real people reading this right now, but a vast majority of the traffic I thought I was getting was really spammers and spambots.  🙁


Oh well. Time to move on.  I have one escrow that closed yesterday and another set to close on the 11th of this month.  I have to get back to work, lots to do today.  


I appreciate you who are reading this.  I want to spend more time blogging but it just isn't paying the bills at the moment and…I got bills. Soooo, although I will be stopping in every once in a while, it won't be consistent.  I know, if you run a blog its supposed to be.  But hopefully you will subscribe and stay tuned so when they come out you will be notified.  

There is still much for me to do with the Find Your Flow ideology.  And I will continue to flow and record my findings.  So until next time my friend…

Be flowing!