2:22 and 22%

2:22pm and the tablet had 22% battery left. ?And, I was able to grab my phone, get it turned on, get the camera pulled up and snap a photo before the clock changed. ?Smooth? #synchronicity

My friend Jon contacted me about helping with sound and lighting for an upcoming event him and his partners are hosting called the Note Investor Summit.? So I get to get paid to go help with the sound and lighting, and potentially network with people who own or want to own real estate. ?These folks are?my ideal clients: Real estate investors/flippers that do multiple transactions a year that want to maximize their ROI on the sales of their properties. #cashflow #socialflow #realestate #flipthathouse

My friend Mark, better known as “Second Half Chas” hosts a radio show on ESPN radio that is all about sports betting. ?He called me this week because he wants to take me out to lunch for the marketing help I’ve given him. ?Cool! ?I love lunch. ?I eat lunch 4-5 times a day.

I went to the doctor for a physical, first time in ? years. ?So far so good, blood tests in the works. ?But she looked in my nose and said its so swollen that she can’t see through it. She asked if I have allergies or feel congested, and I said heck yes. ?All the time.

She prescribed me Flownase, it has the word ‘flow’ in it hhmmm,, hehehe…

Anyway, I’ve used it twice now and I almost can kind of breathe through my right nostril now. ?I must admit, its kind of awesome. #bodyflow

Also, I talked with Professor Regis Libre at Gracie La Mesa and he gave me the go-ahead to start planning for some of the team to put together a demonstration for the TEDX talk in April. I’m very excited! ?I’ll keep you posted on that.

All right, back to the hustle. ?Have a great day and weekend! ?Until next time my friend?Be Flowing!