Hello Friend,

Today is Friday so I am recapping all the magic and flow from the week.

Yesterday was quite magical as I spent most of the day with my son. ? First, we watched some cartoons. ?Then, I took him to Jiu-Jitsu with me. ?He didn’t participate, it was an adult class, but he got to watch Octonauts, one of his favorite shows.

Afterward we went to Hobby People which was really fun. ?We ended up getting a new model rocket and a wooden airplane that has a rubber band propeller. ?We took it out for some test flights and it was really fun.

We had smoothies and pizza for lunch, then we did repairs on our other rockets. ?After that we watched a movie and I worked on the podcast.

It felt great spending quality time with him where I wasn’t worried about getting work done, or just plopping him in front of TV all day. ?We did fun things together and I am really appreciative of the time we got to spend together. #socialflow

#bodyflow – I had some great flow at BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) both Monday morning and Thursday morning. ?I usually go to the night classes, but switched so I could be home with my family at night. ?It was nice.

#cashflow – I went to the Hour A Day Marketing Summit on Tuesday and coincidentally sat next to a real estate investor. ?We each got to share our “elevator pitches” with each other and he got excited when I shared mine: “I help home sellers sell their home without an agent the easy way so they can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on real estate commissions.”

TUrns out he goes to all sorts of real estate investor meetings and he said if my biz partner Mike and I go we would get more business than we could handle! ?Sounds good to me!

So that is on the calendar, I’ll keep you posted.

#socialflow #cashflow – I got booked as a DJ for the “PB Reality Show” Super Bowl party coming up, that’s always a great time!

#cashflow – FINALLY got ads up and running for the site. ?We had so many things to get together before I felt comfortable spending money on traffic, but now we are rocking and getting clicks for about .40 cents each.

I’ll be working on the opt-in offers on the blog page and will let you know stats as it progresses. ?Speaking of which, I will probably be creating the #CashFlow members area in the next couple of months. ?That’s where I will share the real details about my businesses and marketing stats. ?It will be for entrepreneurs and business owners that are into flow and want to dig deep into lead flow, deal flow and cash flow.

Good week overall, I’m excited about the weekend, videos will be coming soon for the Youtube channel. ?I’ll keep ya posted!

Until next time my friend?be flowing!!