All sorts of cool coincidences this week.  ButI want to start by acknowledging that I flaked yesterday on getting the “5 Minutes of Flow Talk” video up.

This video editing stuff takes a while.  Actually, what took the most time was getting the studio dialed in.  The last flow talk videos I did just sitting here at my desk.  They weren’t horrible, but I wanted to step it up a bit and try doing in front of the whiteboard.

We’ll see how it turns out.  But that first video should be live today (fingers crossed.)

What else is exciting?  Well, I’m almost done with the free, “3 Steps To Flow” mini-course!  That’s kinda a big deal.

Maybe I’ll finish by this weekend.

I got my first checks for “Omnipresent Marketing” as an official business.  That’s cool!  I like getting checks in the mail.  I fully intend to get a lot more of them this year 🙂

OH.  One more big thing…

So, I’m in this mastermind group for artists and we are supposed to send an email out to our list of family, friends and fans to ask for help, ask who would be interested in being a part of my “Dream Team.”

Basically, as a growing speaker, author, etc. it gets challenging to juggle all these balls alone, and at some point we need to ask for help.

Well, turns out, asking for help is not one of my strong suits.  Actually, as I learned not too long ago, I may be horrible at it.  I had this experience that showed it to me plainly, and from that experience I started to recall instances of being a kid and turning down help, like standing on a dock of a lake, wet, cold, no…freezing, but I didn’t have a towel.  My aunt was trying to give me a towel but I said, no thanks, I’m fine.  She said, “don’t be too proud. Take the towel.”

Weid how that kind of stuff can come back out of no where.

So anyway, I told the group that I would send out my letter on the 15th of February.  Yeah, so, today is March 4th and I still haven’t done it. 😛

So here I go, maybe I’ll just sneak in my request for help down here at the bottom of this long blog that practically no one will see.  That’s so passive aggressive of me, lol.

Ok, for real.  Here are some things that I need help with to grow Find Your Flow into a household name that stands for synergy, love and flow in the areas of Mind, Body, Spirit, Social and Cash.

  1. Video and/or podcast editor
  2. Social Media manager – (Like playing on Facebook?  Wanna post stuff on the page?
  3. Bookings at School Assemblies
  4. Bookings for Keynote Concerts

I’m sure there are other things that I could use help with, although I’m not sure what yet.  So if you have any awesome skill that you feel would help make the world a more flowing place, please let me know!

Thanks for reading.  I hope that you have an awesome day and weekend!  And until next time my friend…be flowing!