All right, so I failed miserably in blogging last week, and this week, until now. If you listen to the podcast I explained why and what I’m going to do about it. If you didn’t listen to the podcast yet, why the heck not?!!! Listen here –> Find Your Flow PODCAST

Anyway, I had some great things happen this week. I got to speak to some women entrepreneurs up in Orange County, and that was really fantastic. Super awesome group of ladies.

I love entrepreneurs and business owners. From all walks of life, yet connected by the burning desire to do more, be more, give more or have more. Maybe to provide more value to the people of Earth, or to create a better future for themselves or their families.

The American Dream, right? Go into business for yourself, grow it, hold it or sell it. ?Come up.

It seems to me, a lot of folks want more, but some aren’t really willing to do anything extra to get it. That’s why I like hanging out with people that are going for it.

Even if someone has a “day job”, that doesn’t define them. It does’t define where they are going, unless they let it.

But what do you do with that time away from the day job? What are you building on the side? During the wee hours of the night? The time while most are dreaming of this or that, are you staying awake and creating it?

This blog, I love it. It’s therapy for me in a sense. But its weird too. I don’t want to make it boring, or flat, or surface level, but, when I say things here or on the podcast, sometimes afterward I’m like, man, that sounded jerky, or that came out wrong.

But then its kind of too late. Its “out there” already. Sure, I could delete it. But, then my whole blog is just boring, playing it safe.

So here’s what I think I’m going to do about it. Because, I was looking at my stats and noticed a few of you actually do read this blog, so THANK YOU!

And, a lot of people come in from posts that are more about celebrity news and the lighter fun stuff.

For me, doing the “Monday Mindset” and “Found Flow Fridays” are challenging because I can’t pre-load them, I have to do them the day of, which is sometimes nearly impossible.

Instead, I’m going to setup my fun blog posts to go out on these days, and then for those of you who like the deep stuff, I’m going to post those with the same tags, Found Flow Friday, but the regularly scheduled Friday blog will now be named something else.

To clarify, Friday’s blog post will now be called something like, Find Your Flow Fridays. ?But the “Found Flow Fridays” tag will only apply to my posts that track all of my coincidences and serendipities.

This will allow me to flow more in the creation of these posts, and give readers more specifically what they like to read. If you like the fun entertainment news, you can just keep tuning in on Fridays.

If you like the deeper stuff, search the tags for “Found Flow Fridays.”

Thank you for your readership!


Something really exciting, just about done with the free mini-course of the “3 Steps to Flow” program. ?I’ll be giving it away FREE! ?I will post links once its ready, so please check back soon.

Thank you and until next time my friend, Be Flowing!