Okay, so technically its Saturday.  No, wait, technically its Sunday, 1:07 am.  SO I totally missed Friday. Sorry.

Busy couple days, I don’t even remember what happened.  How did I get here?

Today will be Daylight Saving.  That is some crazy stuff right there.

Moving our clock time into the future an hour.  Shifting our cultural awareness of Time.  Manufactured Time.  It isn’t on the same cycle as Nature’s Time.

It’s fascinating to me.

There’s clock time, what we might call “objective time.”  Then there is our experience of time, what we might call “subjective time.”

Shoot, speaking of time, I have a deadline coming up on the audio CD’s for the “3 Steps to Flow” audio program!

I will be speaking for a women’s entrepreneur group in a couple weeks and need to have my CD’s done by then.

It will also be available online, I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, keep flowing!