Experience Flow for Yourself…the Easy Way!

Want to experience flow?? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you want to get into a flow state of mind or find new ways of achieving goals while you experience flow, or maybe you want to discover?what does flow mean to you?? Most would argue that the best way is to simply get into a flow experience!

To experience flow easily, you just need to understand a few basic ideas…

  1. Challenge – the task, work, activity, that you will be doing.? It could be writing, reading, running, dancing, surfing, skating, knitting, working out, etc.? Almost anything can be turned into an opportunity to experience flow.
  2. Skill – Your level of skill compared to the level of Challenge.? If it is too easy for you, your mind may get distracted or bored.? You might start thinking about other things because the task at hand is too easy, there is not enough challenge to engage the mind.? Alternatively, if the challenge is too hard, (or you do not have a sufficient level of skill compared to the level of challenge) you may become discouraged, stressed, frustrated, anxious, etc.? You cannot get into a flow state because your mind is working overtime trying to work on the task.
  3. Time – Time can be used to adjust the level of Challenge in some cases.? Sometimes you can adjust a time goal, such as push a deadline back to give yourself more time to work on the challenge.? Sometimes, the time is fixed on a certain date, or amount of time that you can spend on that particular Challenge or task.? If Time is fixed, then ideally you could change the challenge to fit your level of skill given the amount of Time you have to work on it.? Setting goals can now be viewed as a way of producing flow experiences for yourself as long as you are aware of these three variables.


These 3 concepts combine to produce flow!? When your level of Skill, balances with the level of Challenge in the right amount of Time, then you experience flow!!!


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Here is one way that I experience flow!? I was having fun and being kind of silly so please excuse the weird facial expressions.. 😛



Here’s me improvising a new song in the home studio…flowing…Sometimes it starts off slow, then just getting a loop going, both with the music and with my physical actions.? Then I slowly build as my flow state deepens and I start to explore musically.? If I just kept playing the same thing, I would maybe get bored and come out of flow.? By letting my fingers explore new patterns and sounds I let myself maintain a good flow state and have fun flowing!


To get into flow, sometimes I play with toys!? There are fantastic flow toys that can help you experience flow.? Here is a “Crystal Dart” that lights up.? I am spinning it around and finding a groove, and getting into flow!

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