I look at the stats for the website pretty much everyday.  I have other things I need to do, but, there is something very rewarding about seeing how many people stop by this blog.

I get dozens of notifications a day saying that people are registering through the site.  That is AMAZING!  Unless…

They are spambots!  No! Can it be?! 

Many of them look like real people.  I still don't have my stupid email provider back up, gotta transfer balances, actually, I did transfer a balance, now I just need to find the credit card number and pay those folks at iContact so I can start emailing again.  Ahhh. Tired.

Today I woke up to B screaming and crying. Fun.  

Although, better than waking up to Elena screaming and crying which has been most other mornings.  Although, she did end up crying and complaining about massive headaches before she left for her chiropractor appointment. Seems I can't get away from it.

I have a very important meeting today with my Master Mind group.  Looking forward to it. 

I had to miss school today and will tomorrow, it was challenging to get subs but think I got it handled.

Oh yeah, yesterday there was a fight in one of my classes.  I stepped in to break it up, between two of our Chinese students, so I couldn't tell if they were playing or not, one of them told me they were, but they looked pissed, then one shoved the other into the computer, and then they went at it.  I stepped in and pushed them apart, right as one was throwing a punch that probably would have knocked out a tooth or three, but fortunately/unfortunately, I took it in the ear instead. 

This wasn't music class for the record 😉

Doing a broker open house for our rental property, but, I may have missed the chance to get it listed on the open house tour because I completely spaced yesterday. Awesome. 

Ever feel like you're a "day late and buck short?" I feel like I'm so far behind the 8ball that I'm…I don't even know where to go from that analogy.  That's how stuck I feel sometimes.

 Waaaa waa waa.  Enough whining already. What the hell are we going to do about it? Don't worry, I'm not including You in this, just the peanut gallery throwing out suggestions in my head.

Here's what they have to say…

Naaa, forget them, I'm hungry. Gotta prep for my meeting.  Life goes on. Until it doesn't. What 'ya gonna do while your here?