I am once again in the middle of a 30 Day Marketing Challenge with the Hour A Day Entrepreneur chapter meeting and GKIC. 

Well, not the middle, past the middle point, I got to get going!  I think of all the things I want to finish by the 17th, how much of it is possible?  Well, as I get more focused and write out how much time each item will take, I should be able to judge pretty accurately how much I can get done.  

This process also helps me avoid feeling so overwhelmed because its not just a million things fighting for my mental attention, I can get them out onto paper and organize and prioritize them.

Plus, I am writing out the things that I have done, so I can feel good about how much I have already accomplished this month, for example;

Officially started a new business: www.BlackBeltMusicAcademy.com 

Got a logo designed, created a basic product, have two others in the works, have an ebook available, almost finished another ebook, opened a new paypal account and linked it to the site, set up a social forum, and other cool things.

Now, I will take some time to create "how-to" videos fro my assistant so she can do my newsletters for me.  I am continuing to leverage www.fiverr.com and www.odesk.com for outsourcing.  

Ok, time to get back to planning and taking action.  I keep bringing up the possibility of launching the Find Your Flow Social Experiment book, so close!  Is now a good time? Is this a true priority or a distraction to my main focus?  Is it something I can do effectively "on the side"? 

I'm not sure, time for more quite reflecting.  Check back to see how it all goes or send me your input at: info(@)findyourflow.com