last night I was contemplating my business. I was thinking about how and what I wanted to do. I figure that my strengths are teaching music and playing.

So in order to teach best, beside private lessons and teaching at the school, I can create videos. I was calculating how long it takes for me to shoot an instructional video, and how much time for production is needed. then I started thinking about outsourcing it to someone, and how much it would cost roughly.

I started to calculate the time necessary to create a whole two years worth of material. then I started thinking about marketing for this product. How much could I afford to invest to acquire a new customer if I knew that they would stick with me for about 2 years?

if I got down to it, I could figure out in advance how many hours I would need to work and how quickly I could produce two years worth of content.

I could also figure out the approximate cost for an office space, vendors, employees, and everything needed to make this business successful as soon as possible.

I started to look into the future using math and it was awesome.