#Coachella is happening right now and unfortunately I am missing it.  And, I'm guessing if you are reading this during the weekend of April 11, 12, 13th, you probably are too!

 I actually have never made it out for Coachella, I had built up for #BurningMan 3 years and we made a go of that every other year for a while, which was of course AMAZING.

I plan to go again, once B-rad is older and can come along.  Kinda harsh conditions for a little tyke, but the experience is life-altering and unforgettable. So much art, expression, love, music, lights, people.  

My good friend Mark and his girlfriend Jessica are making the trip to Coachella this year, they go pretty consistently, as does my sister and her girlfriend although I don't think they will make it this year.  

If I did go, my top 5 I would be sure to see in no particular order…

Calvin Harris

Fatboy Slim

Kid Cudi

Girl Talk