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Where to buy real estate leads?

Agents and Investors Ask: Where can I buy real estate leads?

When you want to?buy real estate leads its important to understand a few things about marketing and sales first. ?This article will show you ?the 3 Most Important Things You Must Know Before You Buy Real Estate Leads.

1.) Not All Leads Are Created Equal

While there are plenty of places to buy various real estate leads, its important to know what kind of leads you are buying and how those leads were generated.

For example, where they generated online? ?Did the prospect?opt-in for free information?

Did the prospect request a quote or a consultation?

Does the prospect know that they will be contacted (a “warm” lead) or will you be getting a “cold” lead?

Is this a referral from a trusted advisor who knows how to position you in the best light?

The source of your leads will play a huge role in how successful you may be when it comes to converting those prospects into clients.

2.) Exclusive versus Shared Leads

Many options when you go to buy real estate leads leave agents and investors competing with one another.

Some companies generate real estate leads and then sell them to multiple agents and investors.

This business model is great for the lead generation business, but not so great for the agents and investors who now have to battle it out.

In this type of scenario, if you aren’t the first to reach the prospect and if you aren’t fast to close them, you are quite possibly just throwing money away.

3.) Sales Process for Success

If you don’t have a good sales process in place, getting leads probably won’t do you too much good.

Sure, with enough leads anyone can get some deals.

But, there is massive waste with here and this kind of strategy often leaves many unsatisfied prospects that in some cases have turned against companies and even gone online to rail against the company.

This even put one company that I know of out of business because they had so much traffic coming through that they couldn’t return calls or take care of customers.

Potential clients quickly got turned off by the horrible service and took their gripes to social media. ?Not good for the real estate company.

Bonus: 4.) Automated Follow-up Process for Warm Leads

Finally, not every lead is ready to do business today. ?So what processes or systems do you have in place to automatically?follow up with leads that are warm, not hot?

I emphasize the word?automatically because let’s face it, you are busy. ?Or at least you will be once you start buying leads.

You don’t want to let warm leads go cold or worse, slip through the cracks completely.

You must find a way to automatically “touch” your prospective clients regularly with fresh, valuable content to position yourself as an expert an obvious choice.

And, your system must keep you “top of mind” so that when your prospect is ready to pick up the phone and make the next move, your number is the first one they call.


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