I've noticed a big surge in traffic from our friends in Brazil.  Welcome!

I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost a year now and it has been amazing.  Not only have I lost like 15 pounds, but I get to train under some really cool people in #BJJ.  

Mondays is Zak Maxwell, Thursdays (when I can make it) is Regis Libre, and Saturdays is Gustavo Dias.  All are amazing and each has their own style.

Rodrigo Godoy is now back in Brazil but I got to study under him for a while, really cool dude, really funny.

I missed training on Monday, too much chaos going on.  Then, Tuesday wasn't much better. 

Today was pretty good, or I should say yesterday (Wednesday) as it is now 2:52am on Thursday.

School has been cancelled due to the #SanDiegoFires.

I have a magic show on Friday so I have been preparing for that and will spend most of the day when I wake up practicing and preparing.  I'm pretty excited, I feel like this is a big opportunity to try some things out that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I plan to get some video and if I can pull that off I will definitely post it.

All right, gotta get some sleep. Take care, and until next time…be flowing.