last night I was thinking about a friend I haven’t seen in awhile, Jeremy.

I have actually made a point of not spending time with him because we are on different life paths now.

Back in the day, it was fine to goof around and party and all of that, but nowadays it’s just not one of my priorities.

anyway, driving to work today I see this crazy guy hanging out at the side of a truck making hand signals at me. he had long red hair and a crazy beard and sunglasses and do rag on.

at first I wasn’t sure if he was signaling me or someone else. then I realized he was signaling me and I tried to figure out what he was saying.

I waived back, then have a peace sign, then flipped him off, then back to the peace sign,I couldn’t figure out if this guy was upset at me or asking for directions.

Then I realized who it was!

Whoa, he looks even crazier then I remember!  Good ‘ol Germs.