In this interview international speaker and flow consultant Clinton Young shares his insights and passion for getting organizations into flow!

You will learn about how you can get more in tune with your own passions and experience more growth and abundance while focusing more on your own natural strengths.

You may even start to get into a flow state just listening to this episode!

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Here is a message from Roger Hamilton…

Dear Entrepreneur,

What if you discovered you are currently operating at less than 10% of your full potential? Pause and think for a moment – are there people in the world who are not as smart as you, not as hard working as you, not as old as you, who are already achieving 10x more than you in their impact, performance and quality of life?

I have been driven throughout my life to find the smartest ways to unlock the hidden potential in entrepreneurs. The steps you can take today to shift your mindset and business model to 10x your own potential are far easier than you might think. Today, those that are achieving 10x more than you simply came across these steps earlier.

You may have met me or know of me from the Wealth Dynamics Test I created, or from Talent Dynamics, the Wealth Spectrum, Genius Test or Purpose Test. These assessments have been used by over 1 million entrepreneurs to guide them on their personalised path. This year, after studying the results of thousands of entrepreneurs applying these tools, I have created the Impact Meter – to give you a map to track the exponential growth of your business. The Impact Meter shows you which of the 7 levels of business you are at. Each level is a 10x growth on the level below.

Perhaps you are struggling to grow your customers as a startup. Or you can’t find the right team members as you build your business. Or you are stuck needing new partnerships or investment, while juggling the desire to also spend more time with your family and simply enjoying life. The Impact Meter shows you how you are not alone in the bottleneck or roadblocks you face, and the answers to step up to the next level are almost always in a different place than where you are looking.

As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Join me at the San Diego Entrepreneur Fast Track, where I will work with you to shift your thinking to the next level, and where you will find the knowledge, connections and resources you need to make that shift.

I look forward to seeing you there!

— Roger