How To Be Calm

How to be Calm – In Times of Turbulence

How to be calm when the world falls apart.  I record these episodes but they are released weeks or often months later. It is often amazing to me the way a well timed topic such ast “How to be Calm” will come right when the world can really use some peace and calm.

As I sit here writing the intro to this episode, it is Day #7 of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Quarantine.  It has been a wild week.

The intention of this episode is to help one connect to the calmness within.

Everything “out there” tries to get and keep our attention.  The news thrives on it.

But what happens if we “unplug”?

Can we “tune in” to something else?

Something with more voltage?


The water on the surface moves quickly, but the deeper waters are calmer.

Listen to this episode and allow the calm to flow through you.

And until next time my friend, be flowing!