How to Have an Abundance Mindset

How to Have an Abundance Mindset, Even When the World is Scarcity Minded

How to have an abundance mindset amidst the current state of the world…

This podcast was recorded a long time ago, yet, interestingly, the current time of publication, we are day #1 of staying home to work because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

While people are panic buying at Costco and markets around the country, the topic of abundance mindset seems maybe silly or naive.

And yet…

Many of the most successful companies in the world were born during the toughest times.

What separates those that come out on top from those that crash and burn?

Many would point to “mindset.”

To help you get into the right mindset today I want to empower you with something very simple, and yet VERY POWERFUL!

This may be the single most important thing you do today, this week.

Take some time with it, review it, start to focus your mind on what you DO have and watch and experience the magic of an abundance mindset start to work for you!

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