How to Be Vegetarian

How to be Vegetarian – Even if You Don’t Really Want To Be

Okay, being vegetarian has become kind of a cool thing, and honestly, I’m thrilled!

Why?  Because it has made my life personally waaaayyy easier.

It used to be so unheard of that it was super confusing for people whenever I would go out to eat.

Thankfully, here in California anyway, it is quite easy to find places to eat.

And, I want to shout out some of the big fast food chains that have started to offer vegetarian burgers, “The Impossible Burger!”


Carl’s Jr Beyond Burger

Burger King 

  • I ate the Western BBQ Beyond Burger at Carl’s Jr and the Whopper Beyond Burger multiple times on  a recent road trip to Utah, and I was SO HAPPY!!! THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!!
  • It got me kind of emotional to be honest.  It reminded me of road trips growing up and how embarrassing and rough they were for my parents, grandparents, etc. because I was such a picky eater.  ( I stopped eating meat at around 8 years old because I figured out that meat was made of animals and I didn’t want to eat animals.)
  • I remember my family would ask for a burger, and just put the burger on the side! People could not comprehend why someone would buy a burger but not want the meat.  30+ years later, I can walk into a fast food place and they have a delicious plant-based burger ready to go!  YAY!!!!


Until next time my friend, be flowing. –Winston