Being Patient

Special Holiday Edition!

Just to be transparent, I am not always the most patient person.  Sure, I am “the Find Your Flow guy” which probably makes one think of some transcendental zen mastery meditating on top of a mountain somewhere.

But in reality, I am a near 40 happily married father of two who gets overwhelmed by loud noises and trying to keep up with our two year old.

Throw in our extended families and your friendly neighborhood flow guy gets tested to the max!

So what can one do?  Beside putting on an episode of The Aquabats in hopes of placating the kids for 5 minutes of glorious peace, one might practice being patient.

Sure, its easier said than done.  For me anyway.

That’s why it takes me extra practice.

That’s why I decided to rant about it on this episode in a very patient way.  Enjoy!

Developing Patience_Soft_Cover_Lying_Down