Find Your Flow Podcast #6 Jeff Redondo

Find Your Flow Podcast #6 Jeff Redondo

In this episode we have Jeff Redondo from Invictus Advisors to share with us some amazing #cashflow tips!

The accountants at Invictus Advisors have a unique approach to the way they work with companies, and in my business my business partner Mike uses them for his taxes.

We are currently in talks about having them help us to incorporate that business and I took the opportunity to ask Jeff if he would come on the show here to talk to flow-ers that want to step up their cash-flow.

What I especially like about Jeff and his partner Vidal is that they understand entrepreneurs and small business owners and the kinds of strategies that are unique to these kinds of folks.

Even if you have a job, there are still some golden nuggets of awesome strategy that Jeff shares on this episode.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT tax advice! This is NOT financial advice! Please seek professional guidance for your taxes and finances.  Winston and Find Your FlowTM do not accept any responsibility for what you do with this information.  Thank you!

You can learn more about Jeff and Invictus Advisors at: