Done Is Better Than Perfect

Done is better than perfect is certainly true of this podcast!

It is often the ramblings of a mad man with a recording device.  Sometimes, cool things are said that are so awesome and amazing that people continue to listen!

But let me admit, some of it is off in left field.

But sometimes that is where the real magic is!

I don’t always know where I am going on an episode, but I very often “get lucky” and stumble upon it, pretty much by accident, and then I am glad that I stuck it out.

When I go back to edit the episode, I don’t listen to anymore than I have to.


Besides the fact that my voice sounds funny to me on the podcast,

I start self-criticizing everything that I say.

This was wrong, that was stupid, I shouldn’t have said that, oops, I meant to say this. Etc.

If I stuck to publishing only the episodes that were perfect (or even close) then I wouldn’t have a podcast!

I HAVE to be okay with “done is better than perfect” otherwise I would never publish anything.

So it is a practice.

Fortunately for me I am not a perfectionist, so it isn’t too hard for me.

But for some of you reading this, you know who you are, this may be one of the most profound shifts you could make.

So if you feel like your perfectionism is holding you back in some area of your life, listen to this episode and realize it is super imperfect.  And yet, it is here. Done. The end.

And until next time my friend, be flowing!  The END.