In today’s episode my long time friend and fellow entrepreneur Clinton Young, aka The Millennial Mentor, founder of Awaken To Greatness joins us!

 Clinton and I have been talking about cool stuff for years.  Now, we get to share some of that cools stuff with you!

Clinton is working on some really exciting events that will give participants “peak” life experiences through multi-media live events including music, video, lighting and more. His Awaken To Greatness project is really exciting and something we have shared many cups of coffee over.

He was also featured in the Find Your Flow Expert Flower Series book #2!  Check it out here: CLICK HERE

For more information about the Flow Personality test go here–> Free Flow Personality Test

Find your genius.

The flow test will show you your areas of genius which will help you to tap into your natural strengths.

I personally have taken this flow personality test and was blown away!  It was so exciting and really was accurate for me.

It gave me tremendous insights into my strengths (and weaknesses) and why some things are so easy for me while others are so challenging.

The added benefit of that is that it also shows you the kind of people who have complimentary skills.  This could be super powerful for building a team or a business because you could offset your weaknesses with other people’s natural strengths.

I am so excited to have Clinton share this with you because I personally will be diving deeper into the trainings and flow tests that he is working with.

Try if free now –> Free Flow Personality Test

The next test for me is one that shows where I am on the path to be a hugely successful entrepreneur and business owner so I am really excited about that and will share my results when I do it.

Actually, I should share my results from this first test too now that I think about it…hmmm.  Upcoming episode 🙂