Find Your Flow Podcast #28 Winston Widdes -Akashic Records 2 #spiritflow
Akashic Records part 2

– This is part two of a four part series logging my personal experiences with the Akashic Records.  I explore through meditation what the records are and what they want to teach me.  If anything.

In this episode I have a cool experience and am able to better “see” some light beings that seem to guide me through the records.

I also have a continuation or deepening of my last experience (which I described in the last podcast, episode #27. 

This is kinda “out there” so come with an open mind and please try it for yourself if you feel up to it.

Your imagination is your creation tool.  Don’t underestimate its power and usefulness.  Once upon a time you probably used your imagination regularly.  But many of us leave it behind as we “grow up” and get more serious.

I share how I use my imagination and journey into the Akashic Records.  Perhaps you have your own methods?  Or maybe you are looking for new ways to read the records?  Maybe you’ve never heard of them but want to know more.  Then this might be just the place for you…