Find Your Flow Podcast #24 Winston Widdes Flow Epiphany

Find Your Flow Podcast #24 – Winston Widdes Flow Epiphany #spiritflow

YAY!!!  Flow will be happening more powerfully and awesomely than ever before!  Yes, I missed the Wednesday deadline for this podcast, my apologies.  Such is life sometimes.  Especially if you say “yes” to everything.  At some point, in my experience anyway, I couldn’t keep up with all the things I had said “yes” to.

But, on the other hand, it forced me to take a step back and adjust the way I was doing those things.

SO on this episode I share with you some new flow tech that will allow  me to be more flowing, powerful and awesome for future podcasts!  Plus, you can use them too!

Here are the resources I mentioned in the podcast.  At some point these will be affiliate links meaning I may get a commission if you buy the pro versions.  I am using the free version of the conference number, but the paid version of the scheduling software.  Here’s to your flow!