How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise, Lifting Weights or Doing Anything Else for That Matter

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise!  Yes, you will finally discover the secret to losing weight the Lazy Way/THE BEST WAY!!!  BUT FIRST…

** Disclaimer 1: I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, this is not diet advice.  Please consult your doctor before trying anything mentioned in this post. **

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OK!  Let’s lose weight the lazy way!

I’ve tried some diet trends or ideas over the years…  Okay, not really I guess. I’ve been vegetarian since 2nd grade when Mrs. Rosenoff showed us slaughterhouse videos.  But I digress.

I never really ate healthy though. I was what some might refer to as a bit of a “junk food vegetarian.”

Mostly a lot of carbs and cheese.

In high school it was a Nutty Buddy bar and Pepsi for brunch, a pretzel and cheese and Pepsi for lunch, then a ‘sensible dinner’ (said in the tone of some 90’s diet commercial).

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten a little bitter.

I mean better.  I’ve gotten a little better.

I eat waaay more vegetables.

But really, it was the ‘sympathy weight’ that caused me to put on the pounds.

That and the Domino’s pizza joint within walking distance.

The first baby we had, I put on weight, and started going to the local gym.

But it didn’t really seem to help.

I worked out hard but didn’t lose any weight and eventually just got frustrated and realized that it instead of all that hard work, it was way more fun and I could maintain my two burrito a day lunch diet and watch UFC on the couch and not lose weight either.

I needed something that would force me to get into shape and lose the weight.

For me, that’s when I found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. (BJJ for short)

Now before you go anywhere, maybe you have absolutely no interest in BJJ or any martial arts, or any exercise of any kind for that matter; that’s okay, stick with me here…(AND, I know that this article is about NOT exercising, and that’s still the point of this story, so please stick with it, I just take forever to get to the point…)

So I found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; I found people to literally kick my butt. 

Suddenly, drinking beer on a Friday night was met with the realization that the next morning I would have to physically spar with someone else who would be trying to choke me unconscious or bend my arms in such a way that I would have to “tap out,” which is kind of a cooler, hipper version of crying out “uncle!”

So the consequences of my actions would be brought to the forefront of my mind and it caused me to cut back on the drinking.

It also caused me to eat less because I learned that exercising with a bunch of extra food in my stomach wasn’t fun either.  Especially when going with a bigger stronger opponent that would sometimes practice “knee-on-belly” techniques on me.

As I started eating better, drinking less beer and less sugary energy drinks, it started to occur to me how sick and tired I was of the indigestion I always seemed to have.

It was like playing roulette with my stomach every time I ate.

So Jiu-Jitsu helped me lose all the weight and I really loved it! It truly changed my life. I started training three times a week pretty consistently for a number of years.

Fast forward five years and Elena and I are blessed with another little baby, another boy!  Yay!

It’s so amazing!  We went through heck and back leading up to it but gosh darn it was worth it.

But as you may or may not know, having two kids takes up more time for parenting, and in my case, less time for ME.

So even though I was exercising and training BJJ 3x a week, with a new baby in the house, I couldn’t keep it up.

Suddenly, I could barely make it ONCE a week to the academy to train.

I realized that I needed to figure out how to lose weight without exercising.  For real.

My day job consists of me sitting in a cube for 9+ hours a day.  No physical exercise at all.

So I knew that I would have to take a much closer look at my daily food choices.

I started doing research online and found all sorts of things about Keto dieting, all meat diets, no carb diets (blasphemy!) juicing diets, etc etc etc.

Is Intermittent Fasting The Holy Grail of Dieting?

I saw all these different diets, but for me, it has to be something I can do easily, affordably, and FOR LIFE.

I approach things with a long view, I’m not interested in fads or trends.

I want longevity!

Then I stumbled upon Intermittent Fasting.

It totally changed my life.  Seriously.

I started losing weight and feeling better.

Sure, it was a little difficult, especially at first.

There are different ways to do it, different lengths of time that you ‘fast.’

I decided to do the version where I stop eating at 8:00 pm, then don’t eat again until 12 noon the next day.  Also, when I do eat the next day, it is not an out of control binge.  Instead, it is measured.

I do food prepping on Sunday afternoons. I measure out one cup of brown rice per Mr Lid tupperware-type pack.  Then I chop up one serving of baked tofu.

For sauce I use a splash of soy sauce with a bit of brown mustard and chili paste.

I eat that basically everyday for lunch.

Dinner, is a bit less structured now but when I was in the weight cutting part it was also measured, a 1/2 cup of rice but with 1/2 cup black beans and vegetables.

For 3:00 pm snack I could have half a protein par, 100 calories and 10 grams of protein.

NOTE: Many of the protein bars that are not specifically about weight loss have more than 100 calories!  So read the label and do your math!  Many of the ones that I personally like are about 200 – 300 calories per bar, so I generally eat just half of the bar for my 3:00 pm snack.

I rotate protein bars so that I don’t get too bored and my stomach and guts and what-not still get some practice digesting different things.

Here are some of my personal favorites that I keep in rotation.  I really like chocolate and peanut butter so as far as flavors go I am highly biased 🙂


Pure Protein Protein Bars
Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars


Quest Bars

ONE bars


Quest Nutrition Cookies


Okay, before we get to this next section, I want to remind you that I am not a doctor, a nurse, a nutritionist or any kind of authority or expert on health or nutrition at all in any way shape or form.  I am an entrepreneur, a family man, a podcaster, author, musician, etc.  So this is just my own crazy approach to losing weight in the most lazy and enjoyable way possible.  PLEASE!  CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING HERE.  This blog post is for entertainment purposes only.

Okay, this part is going to get a little crazy.  Remember, this is probably a horrible idea.  But it worked for me so…

SO, for a while, when I decided that I needed to lose the weight without doing any exercise I was really learning about counting calories and portion control.

One day, being the genius that I am, I thought to myself, “Self, I know that you like burritos.  Bean and rice burritos to be specific.  What if you could eat your favorite food, everyday for lunch AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT?!”

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Well, what if instead of two whole burritos for lunch, you ate JUST HALF OF ONE burrito for lunch.  You could have Elena buy 3 burritos on Sunday and then cut them in half and have all of your lunches prepped for the week.”

“You are a genius.”

” So are you.” 🙂

So “the burrito diet” was born.

To my own amazement, it actually worked!

EXCEPT, the days that I ate the second half of the burrito for dinner.  It seemed that the second half would be too much for me to process in a single day and it would immediately show up on the scale the next day. Hmm, interesting.

Eventually, I also decided that I wanted to keep up my heart rate while at work so maybe I could burn more calories.



C4 Fruit Punch flavor




How to Exercise for People Who Hate to Exercise

AbDolly Core Training System

Pull-up bar

Perfect Pushup


Weight Bench


Exercise Mats

Large Exercise Mats



Medicine Ball



So there you have it!  Now you know how to lose weight without exercise and your life will never be the same.

I would love to hear how it goes for you.

Join the Find Your Flow Facebook Group and let me know!


— Winston



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